Terms and Conditions

1. Fees paid to France Schengen Visas for visa consulting and appointment are non-refundable. We try our best with all the documentation and procedure to get your Schengen Visa on time. Still, the issuance and the period of issuance is not our responsibility. It strictly depends on the discretion of the Embassy.

2. Appointment booking charges and visa fees are two different things. The visa fee is payable to the embassy with the application at the visa center. We hold all the rights to charge for the services provided by us. 

3. We reserve all the rights of accepting the case, completing the work and terminating the agreement. We are also free to not accept a visa application request. 

4. An applicant can terminate the agreement at any time with us.  Just, he is entitled to pay for the efforts made by us. No money will be refunded once an appointment is successfully booked.

5. The fee is different for express and regular time slots.

6. Appointments taken can be changed or canceled but such services of doing rescheduling or taking reappointments cost £ 25 each time. Also, we cannot guarantee you an appointment on the very next day. 

7. France Schengen Visas doesn’t have any means to influence the Embassy. 

8. At the time of appointment booking, no documents are to be provided by the applicant. We don’t accept documents by post or in person. 

9. We are not responsible for the loss or delay of any of your travel arrangements. 

10. Refund policy: 

Appointment charges once paid are non-refundable under any circumstance.  However, we can reschedule your appointment by charging a nominal fee.

If you want to cancel your request after paying an online fee; you are entitled to get a 50% return of your amount given. 

Once the appointment is booked in your name, it can’t be used by another applicant. Therefore, the refunds are not entertained by us.

Request a Call back

  • Client need to send us the appointment booking sheet
  • Appointment for you in Embassy
    As per the information in the form, we will book an appointment in Embassy
  • Print the form
    Print out your appointment letter, prepare all your documents and reach the embassy on the date of appointment
  • Receive your visa from the Embassy
    Soon you will receive your visa from the embassy