Privacy Policy

General privacy policy:

1. Users of this website are solely responsible for their account privacy and password. 

2. Using our website means agreeing to all terms and conditions of the privacy policy. 

3. We hold all the rights to remove or revise any policy any time without any prior information. 

Data secrecy privacy policy: 

1. Once you receive your visa, all the information filled by you will be removed from our systems. 

2. An applicant can make their information deleted from our website by giving us a call or sending an e-mail. 

3. Information provided by our registered clients can be used anytime by us to provide smooth and better services. 

4. Information about our clients is kept secret. We do not pass it to any third party. 

5. We incorporate all the protection measures that are required to keep the client’s information, digitally safe. 

6. We have the right combination of software and hardware that safeguard our network from potential intruders. 

7. We are strict in our policies and regulations. Still, if any member is found guilty of misusing the data, then he or she will be fired immediately. 

Cookies Privacy policies: 

On our website, we may use cookies with the prime motive of delivering you better browsing experience. Cookies simply enable us to check on the activities that a user has done in the past, for example, stopping on particular pages, clicking specific buttons, logging in, etc. 

Cancellation of visa application: 

A client can terminate his or her visa application at any time with prior notice to us.

Request a Call back

  • Client need to send us the appointment booking sheet
  • Appointment for you in Embassy
    As per the information in the form, we will book an appointment in Embassy
  • Print the form
    Print out your appointment letter, prepare all your documents and reach the embassy on the date of appointment
  • Receive your visa from the Embassy
    Soon you will receive your visa from the embassy