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Visa Documents Required

In any kind of official process, the need of right documents plays a crucial role.  As it comes to the Visa application process, the role of the right documents is as important as ever.  As in the absence of these documents one can face rejection of the application on the ground of improper or inadequate documents. Thereafter you will have to go through all the process again.

Whether it’s a Business Visa, tourist visa, Spouse of EU/UK resident or any other kind of visa one has to produce right and accurate documents at French Visa center. Each case has different requirement of visa docs and for this an applicant require the assistance from experts. We ensure to help our clients to get their visa on time with few easy steps.

Here is the list of documents (essential docs) which has to offer to embassy or consulate to process any Visa application.

Accommodation – The proof of accommodation is essential. Accommodation proof is required to ensure that you have already booked your hotel in France.

In case if you are staying with family or friends in France then in that case you have to provide Attestation Accursed. This is mandatory documents required in this case.

Insurance Requirements – The formality of insurance is also playing a vital role in requirement of Visa documents. There are two kinds of insurances that are required to assure your safety and security, while you’d be on your travel.

Income Proof – The proof of income is also an important document need for the visa processing. The requirement of this document is to ensure that you are having enough funds and are financially sound to complete your sojourn in France.

Marriage Certificate – This document generally requires in case of Spouse of UK or EU or EEU resident. The aspirant travellers are required to submit valid and English translated marriage certificate at the time of visa appointment.

How to apply

  • Client need to send us the appointment booking sheet
    Client need to send us the appointment booking sheet
  • Appointment for you in Embassy
    We will book an appointment for you in Embassy
  • Print the form
    Print the form, fill it and complete the same
  • Receive your visa from the Embassy
    You will later receive your visa from the Embassy

Key Features

  • Complete Documentry Guidence
  • Hassel Free Apply
  • Secure Payment
  • 24/7 Service


Amazing Services
We have applied for the visa from France Schengen Visas, and the services provided by them are amazing. The helpful staff guided us through the process of obtaining the visa which has made our visa obtaining procedure quite smooth.
Chirag Pareek, India
Helpful Staff
The staffs of the company are quite professional and they guided us through all the process which has help us in acquiring our visa in a hassle free way without any confusion.
Raven Symone, UK